Most Companies Struggle With Poor Internal Processes. We Guide You Through a Proven Framework To Increase Revenue, Scalability, And Efficiency

Are your company’s processes:

Dependent on specific people?

Scalable and easily repeatable?

Hindering revenue growth?

Every company has internal processes that “work” but don’t allow them to achieve their full potential. Poor internal processes result in lost revenue and failure to scale.

Business Process Documentation

We exclusively help companies grow and scale their processes by developing and integrating custom enterprise resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Our custom-tailored systems are used by hundreds of companies around the world to increase their revenue and efficiency.

Our goal is to build the systems that were desperately needed where we previously worked.

After years of working with companies, we understand the growing pains. Every company in the world is innovative in the processes they develop, but ultimately the processes impact the company’s revenue.


Our Story

Our company was started by Marawan Aziz in 2016 when he left a growing career as the Director of IT for a technology agency. While working in this field, he realized many companies have very poor internal processes running on Google Sheets, Excel, Emails and more with no real solutions tailored to their specific needs. Marawan left a successful job and launched a company that quickly helped others around the world improve internal processes.

We work hard as a team to continually study the rapidly changing landscape of the business world across different industries. Our passion is to help build and advance your company.

In short, our goal is to provide a service that helps companies improve their processes to increase revenue and efficiency.

Our Core Values


Have passion. Be passionate about the business of the company.


Work and develop solutions with integrity. Our goal is to help, not to deceive.


Communicate everything regardless of how positive or negative it may be. No opinion is disregarded.


Strive to produce meaningful results to enhance progress.