Every business knows that turnover is expensive, but many fail to understand just how expensive it is, and how much it might actually be costing their business. The truth is that the marketplace is changing and inspiring loyalty in your employees and keeping them engaged may be harder than ever.

How tough is it out there? Statistics show that 60% of millennials are open to a new job opportunity and only 30% of them are actually engaged at work. The cost? $30.5 billion in the United States alone. What does this have to do with business process automation? Plenty. There are a number of ways that business process automation can make your employees happier, which means they will work for you longer.

Improvement of Workflows

It’s an ideal world, and you go to work. All of your employees are happy and engaged. Not a single one is frustrated or burnt out. Unfortunately, improving workflows is not a cure for all of these things, but it can certainly have an impact.

Why? The improvement of workflows will result in a shift in employee’s responsibilities and their roles within your company. Low engagement can be caused by a number of things.

  • The employee feels they are not receiving enough recognition for what they do.
  • Employees need work they feel is purposeful, meaningful, or valuable.
  • Employees feel that they are separate from rather than part of a team.

A few simple adjustments to workflows and the business process automation of many tasks can make a surprising difference to your employees and their feelings about their success. Besides that, these changes can mean an increase in profits, allowing you to offer more compensation and better benefits packages.

Elimination of Boredom from Mundane Tasks

Yes, millennials and today’s employees want more meaningful work. This means tasks that are dull, or they feel add no value to their own lives or their contribution to your company will inspire them to do one thing: look elsewhere for other opportunities.

The danger is that a disgruntled employee will spread dissatisfaction to other employees as well. A bored employee who is not engaged can do a great deal of damage to overall morale. It is no longer just about one employee, but instead about your entire team.

The act of business process automation often takes these mundane tasks away from employees, freeing them up to do more meaningful work, work that inspires them increases engagement and in the long run, makes your business better and more profitable.

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What You Can Do

In this digital age, almost every business can benefit from some organizational restructuring. It is necessary to constantly keep up with new technology and improve business processes over time in order to stay relevant. This means developing a business process management plan that involves everyone in your organization in one way or another.

At this point, it makes the most sense to start with those things that have the most meaning for both you and your employees.

  • Start by getting feedback from your team. What is working, what isn’t, and what ideas do they have for areas where they want to see change? Look for the most common pain points and the most common areas of friction. What frustrations do many of your employees share?
  • Get an independent assessment of your workflows. Often a third party can spot inefficiencies and ways for you to make improvements that you and even your employees are too close to see. Working with a business process automation expert will ensure that you don’t miss any opportunities for improvement.

Once you have done these things, it is time to develop a business process management plan. You want to move quickly enough that your employees see you taking action, but not so quickly that you cause major disruptions and employee frustration and dissatisfaction.

How do you achieve this balance? With the help of someone who has done it before. At SixtySixTen, we offer custom business process automation solutions, ones that are tailored to meet the needs of you, your company, and your employees. Our goal is that they be scalable while keeping costs down. We also want to make sure the things we automate actually increase efficiency and reduce errors. We work to partner with you and create a solution that works best for your team.

The business automation process will have a lot of benefits for your business. Increasing profits, saving money, and speeding up your workflows will only be a few of them. However, perhaps the greatest benefit of all will be increasing your employee satisfaction and engagement, something that is tough to do in today’s competitive recruitment market.

Ready to get started or just have questions about how business process automation can help you and your company? Contact us today for a free consultation and see how SixtySixTen can help you achieve your business goals.

Improve Your Company's Efficiency to Generate More Revenue & Increase ScalabilityGet a Free Consultation to Learn How We Can Help You!